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Fitted Wardrobes, Bedrooms and
Kitchens in London.

Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes and Fitted Kitchens Specialists

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What We Do

Fit My Wardrobes Limited are Fitted Wardrobes and Fitted Kitchens specialists based in London. We do bespoke made to measure bedrooms, wardrobes, TV Units, loft rooms, office furniture. Call us to Arrange Free Design Visit on 077 0200 0318.
The Fitted wardrobes are highly functional and no longer store only clothes but anything ranging from show-pieces to books to souvenirs to crockery to toys and the list of possibilities goes on. We not only have our needs satisfied but also a house that looks really picturesque, neat and organized and everything is in budget.

What makes Fitted wardrobes so special?
What makes Fitted wardrobes so special is the fact that they are specially designed for us based on our needs. But unlike normal wardrobes, Fitted wardrobes are a step higher up the hierarchy because of the fact that they are designed based on our ideas by the designers. The designers design the wardrobes not just based on our needs but also allow us to give our opinion of how we want the wardrobe or furniture to look, where we want to have it and what color we want the wardrobe or furniture to be. Hence they are also called ‘Bespoke’ wardrobes.

Why choose us

We are passionate fitteed Wardrobes, bedrooms and Fitted kitchens specialists.

  • Free Design Visit
  • Made to Measure Bespoke Design
  • Fitted in 14 days
  • High quality Low Priced
  • A really beautiful house

Featured Works

These are some of our recent design projects and we are so excited to show them to you.

Kitech Design

Kitech Design

Kitech Design

Wardrobes made with ferrara oak

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Get in touch and let's make something great together. Let's turn your idea into a beautiful design to make your home a wonderful place with our fitted Wardrobes and Fitted Kitchens Services. 077 0200 0318 / 077 1559 6583

Where To Find Us

385 Hanworth Road
Hounslow, London

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